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The interior of a valid cryopod. Note the sign still needs to be right-clicked.

Cryopods are vitally important components of the StarQuest experience. They are your “bedspawn”. On StarQuest, the only purpose for beds is to skip the night. The way to set your spawn point is with a cryopod. The first thing you do when you land at your new home (wherever you should decide to go) is set a cryopod. If you don’t set one and you die, you’ll end up back at spawn station.

It is a 4 block tall structure. You can acquire all the materials you need with the command /kit cryopod.

To build it, start by placing a piece of glass down, and surrounding it on all 4 sides with stone bricks. (It doesn’t have to be built from stone bricks, but that is what you get from /kit cryopod).

Next, cover 3 of the stone bricks with a piece of glass, and on the 4th place an oak door. In the corners connecting the glass, place a stone brick.

Next, repeat that same pattern (except the door, obviously) to make it 2 layers high. On the inside of the cryopod, opposite the door, place a sign with the words [cryopod] on the top line.

Finally, cover the 3 pieces of glass and the door with a stone brick and put a piece of glass in the center. Open the door, right click the sign, and it should update to show your IGN on the line.

If you have multiple cryopods, you can set a cryopod to your current spawnpoint by right clicking on the sign.

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