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Wormholes are a type of anomaly that spawn randomly throughout space. Wormholes, like other anomalies, have a timed life and when the time runs out they despawn. Wormholes, except for unstable wormholes, spawn and despawn in pairs. When one pair of wormholes despawn, another pair of the same type spawn in random locations.

Finding Wormholes[edit]

You can use radars to find wormholes and other anomalies. When you are not within identification range, they will be described as an anomaly. When you are within identification range, it will tell you what kind of wormhole it is.

Traveling Through Wormholes[edit]

You can travel through a wormhole by flying towards it. When you get close enough, you will be transported to slipspace where you will travel at 4x your slipspace speed towards the other end of the wormhole. Like slipdrive, you cannot exit slipspace before you have reached your destination without the use of a jammer that pulls you out.

Wormhole Types[edit]

There are four types of wormholes: Short Range, Medium Range, Long Range, and Unstable. Each wormhole type have different frequencies of appearing, a different degeneration time, and range. Unstable wormholes are the only wormholes that do not spawn in pairs and will instead send you to a random wormhole.

Wormhole Types
Type Count Minimum Time Maximum Time Minimum Range Maximum Range
Short Range 100 144 Hours 288 Hours 1000 Blocks 5000 Blocks
Medium Range 60 72 Hours 168 Hours 5000 Blocks 10000 Blocks
Long Range 20 36 Hours 72 Hours 10000 Blocks 25000 Blocks
Unstable 30 6 Hours 12 Hours No Set Range No Set Range

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