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You gain infractions whenever you do something that is illegal. For example, you can gain an infraction for completing an illegal contract. When you have infractions you become wanted. When you are wanted, you become the target of many different contracts and bounty hunters may try to kill you. Therefore, it is advisable that if you don't want to participate in combat, to not become wanted. However you do need to have a wanted level of 3 to access the black market where you can sell almost every item in the game. You can use /wanted info [player] to see how many infractions you or another player has. In addition, you can use /wanted list to see all of the online wanted players.

Wanted Levels
Infractions Level
0 0
1-4 1
5-14 2
15-29 3
30-49 4
50-74 5
75-99 6
Every 25 more Infractions 1 Wanted Level

Being Killed[edit]

If you are wanted and are killed by another player, you lose infractions to the top of the level lower than your current wanted level. For example, if you have 35 infractions and are killed, you will lose 6 and have 29 infractions. In addition, the player that kills you will gain 1000 credits for each infraction that you lose.

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