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Void stations are personal stations located in the void, hence the name. There are 2 types of void stations, personal and faction. Personal station, only you can access, and faction, only the faction can access. Personal void stations are free, but for faction void stations, you must level up your faction to level 2 in order to unlock (read faction basics). While void stations can be useful, there are some downsides to them. The downsides are plants not growing, faction power not replenishing while you’re in there, and there are no materials in them; you must bring your own. There are 2 ways to enter a void station. One is talking to the gate keeper at spawn. When right clicking him, it will open a GUI with 2 options. On the left is your personal void station, and on the right is the faction void station. The other way of entering is flying your ship into the void gate near spawn. It will also open the GUI that the gate keeper opens. When voids are first made, they are completely empty, except for one bedrock block which you spawn on. To prevent people from dying from falling or anything, you can’t die in the void. When you take damage to the point where you’re down to one heart, you will be teleported to the safety of spawn to prevent death. To leave a void station, do “/void exit”. If you would like to leave with a ship, all you have to do is “/void exit” while piloting the ship.

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