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The Forge is a station that is fitted with a blink drive that appears at random locations. It contains the Forgemaster, an NPC that will sell you enchanted books and enchanted tools.


Most of the time The Forge is located within slipspace. However, every hour it has a chance to appear at a random location anywhere in Space. This chance increases by 10% for each hour it has been since The Forge last went into slipspace. For example, if it has been 4 hours since The Forge last went into slipspace, there is a 40% chance it will appear. Once The Forge appears, the location will be broadcasted to everyone online and a marker will appear on the Dynmap. The Forge goes back into slipspace 1 hour after it appears out of slipspace.

Enchanted Books[edit]

The Forgemaster sells every enchanted book in the game. However, not only is the credit price steep, but he also requires that you bring him materials.

Enchanted Books
Enchantment Cost Per Level Material Materials Per Level
Power 2500 Flint 8
Flame 5000 Magma Cream 16
Infinity 15000 Emerald 8
Punch 2500 Piston 4
Sharpness 2500 Quartz 16
Bane of Arthropods 1000 String 8
Smite 1000 Rotten Flesh 8
Sweeping Edge 1000 Quartz 8
Fire Aspect 5000 Magma Cream 16
Looting 5000 Lapis 32
Knockback 2500 Piston 4
Efficiency 2500 Redstone 32
Unbreaking 2500 Obsidian 8
Mending 15000 Emerald 8
Fortune 15000 Emerald 8
Silk Touch 15000 Emerald 8
Protection 2500 Iron Ingot 8
Blast Protection 2500 Iron Ingot 8
Feather Falling 5000 Feather 16
Fire Protection 2500 Iron Ingot 8
Projectile Protection 2500 Iron Ingot 8
Thorns 1000 Iron Bars 16
Depth Strider 5000 Cod 8
Frost Walker 5000 Packed Ice 32
Respiration 5000 Pufferfish 8
Aqua Affinity 2500 Pufferfish 8
Channeling 15000 Redstone Block 8
Impaling 2500 Cod 8
Loyalty 5000 String 32
Riptide 5000 Slime Block 8
Luck of the Sea 2500 Lapis 32
Lure 2500 Lapis 32

Enchanted Tools and Armor[edit]

Every time The Forge appears out of slipspace, The Forgemaster has new tools to offer. These tools often have impossible combinations of enchantments or enchantments above the normal maximum level. However, they also often have drawbacks such as the curse of binding or the curse of vanishing. The tools do not require materials, but they do require a large amount of credits.

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