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Black Market[edit]

The black market where Shady Sam is located is located on a very old asteroid. The asteroid first started out as a mining outpost, where it was rich in ore. When the asteroid was almost fully mined out, a band of pirates came and raided them, taking any riches that hadn’t been transported, and the riches that still weren’t mined. With the money they set up a black market and pub, using the shape of the asteroid that was mined out. Shady Sam was one of the Pirates that raided the asteroid, and with his share he setup a black market to expand his riches. Shady Sam will only deal with players that have a wanted level of 3 or higher.

Travelling Salesman[edit]

Everyday at two random contract stations, there will be a salesman who you can sell imports for some credits. The salesman travels though, so be on the lookout!

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