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There are currently 19 ships available for players to pilot, each with their own unique properties and statistics. The Starfighter, Shuttle, and Drone are available for everyone, while the rest of the ship types must be unlocked.

Starter Ships[edit]

Starfighter - A small fighter

Shuttle - A small shuttle

Drone - A maintenance vehicle

Offensive Ships[edit]

Gunship - A small offensive ship

Destroyer - A medium offensive ship

Cruiser - A large offensive ship

Battleship - A huge offensive ship

Defensive Ships[edit]

Escort - A small defensive ship

Corvette - A medium defensive ship

Cutter - A large defensive ship

Frigate - A huge defensive ship

Pirate Ships[edit]

Blockade Runner - A small pirate ship

Interceptor - A medium pirate ship

Ketch - A large pirate ship

Dreadnought - A huge pirate ship

Cargo Ships[edit]

Light Freighter - A small cargo ship

Medium Freighter - A medium cargo ship

Heavy Freighter - A large cargo ship

Super Freighter - a huge cargo ship

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