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On StarQuest, there are many different types of blocks called MODULES that help your ship in certain ways. In order to find how to craft a certain module, type "/modules list" in chat.

List of the modules:

Laser Cannons[edit]

Laser cannons are the default cannon in the game, and the first cannons ever added. They come pre-installed on noob-fighters so you can defend yourself in sticky situations. It isn't necessarily the weakness of any ship component. They take up 1 module slot per 1 on a ship. You are able to hide this cannon behind a block for protection but 1 BLOCK ONLY! Same goes for all the other cannons. You use all cannons by left-clicking in the direction you want to fire with a clock in your hand.



Railguns are another cannon module. They do major damage to blocks, but little damage to ship shields. If you don't know what a ship shield is, keep reading. Typically, warships will have a balance between Railguns and Energy Blasters (below) in order for the best efficiency. They take up 1 module slot per 1. You use all cannons by left-clicking in the direction you want to fire with a clock in your hand.


Energy Blasters[edit]

Energy Blasters are the gun you want if you want to take down a ships shields. The damage they do to shields depends on how many Shield Generators (below) a ship has, but they do the most damage to shields out of the current 3 guns. The reason they are often placed with railguns is that while these will bring down the shields, the railguns will tear through the ship once the shields are down. Energy Blasters typically destroy 1 wool block per hit. They take up 1 module slot per 1. You use all cannons by left-clicking in the direction you want to fire with a clock in your hand.

Energy Blaster.png

Shield Generators[edit]

Ships come with shields naturally, the strength depending on the class. Do /shiptype list to view ship classes and their specs. While ships come with shields already, they are often weak, so it is a good idea to add some shield generators. Shield generators will add 500 hit points of more strength to your shields so you can endure more hits, and have a higher chance of surviving in any scenario, whether it be SvS and you need to win, or running in a freighter and taking all the hits you can. Shield Generators take up 3 module slots per 1.

Shield Generator.png


This module is pretty self-explanatory. Thrusters make you go faster. They increase both the auto-pilot speed and shift speed at the same time. On most typical freighters, you want only shields and thrusters to get out of fights fast and a higher chance of survival. Plus you want to get to your destination fast, whether it be trading, or intercepting a ship. Thrusters take up 1 module slot per 1.


Speed Thrusters[edit]

Speed thrusters put more effort into increasing the maximum autopilot speed of a ship. They use 1 module slot per 1.


Acceleration Thrusters[edit]

Acceleration thrustes, or accel thrusters, put more effort into increasing the maximum shift speed of a ship. They use 1 module slot per 1.



Radars are handy on all ships, and you should always have one. Radars will show you all piloted ships within 1000 block in every direction. When you pilot your ship, there will be a green dot floating above the module. This is you. Any red dots are other piloted ships. The red dots will be placed around the green dot, as the enemy is placed around you. If an enemy is to the left of you, it will be to the left of you. If an enemy is below you, it will be below you. These modules use 0 module slots.



Jammers tend to be a pirates best friend. If you are autopiloting, it will shut down your autopilot and you will be forced to manually shift fly while hauling butt. Jammers functionality are quite simple. you right click the module and click on the block in the middle to activate and deactivate your jammer. It will shut down any autopilot in a proximity of 500 blocks in each direction and will pull out anyone who is in slipspace within 500 blocks each direction as well. Basically, they are a peaceful traders worst enemy and rage inducer. Jammers take up 3 module slots per ship, and only one is required on a ship.



Slipdrives are probably the most useful module there is, for anybody. Whether it be a pirate or simple trader. Slipdrives will teleport you into a dimension called "Slipspace" where all movements are 2x the speed than real space. You engage the slipspace by right-clicking on the module and clicking the engage button. This will charge up the drive. In chat, it will give you a charge time. Your charge time is dependant on your ship speed. When you are in slipspace, your ship doesn't actually move. It only tells you where you would drop it if you were to do so. You simply just auto-pilot or shift fly in the direction of where you want to go, and the coordinates of your current location are in chat. If you engage in a planet, it will be the coordinates relative to that planet. If you engage it in space, it will be the coordinates relative to space. They take 3 module slots per 1, and you only need 1 on a ship.



Torpedos fulfill their name. They are a cannon type module that fire shots that do tnt-like damage if your opponent's shields are down. You activate them by right-clicking on them and pressing either the "Fire All" but or the "Fire this one" button. These take 5 module slot per 1.


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