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Here’s a literary review of the ship-flying basics you learned in the flying tutorial when you joined and more. Remember, to fly a ship, you need to have a clock in your hand. You can acquire a clock by typing /kit clock in the chat and it will make one appear in your inventory.

Ship Class Basics[edit]

Every ship has a class. There are 5 ship types you can fly. There’s the 3 starter ships, offensive ships, defensive ships, cargo ships, and pirate ships. Within each ship type, there are a few ship classes based on size. For now, all you need to know that a ship is piloted and unpiloted using a sign with a ship class on it.

Piloting/Un-piloting and Shift Flying[edit]

To start, hold the clock in your hand and left click the ship sign twice. This will make an armor and shield bar appear above the ship. This is called re-detecting. You need to re-detect a ship anytime you build a ship for the first time, edit a ship in any way, lose blocks in a ship fight, etc. Careful though, some blocks fly and some blocks don’t. You don’t want to accidentally detect the wall of your new house and fly away with that.

If you’ve already detected the ship before, you simply need to right click the ship sign with a clock in hand once. Then, look in the direction you’d like to fly, and hold left shift with the clock still in hand. The ship will begin to move, or “shift fly”. When you want to stop flying a ship you can right click the ship sign and it will un-pilot the ship. Another way to do this is by typing /release in chat.


Autopilot is a feature that helps you to fly faster. You can make an autopilot sign on your ship by placing a sign down, and writing [autopilot] on the top line. Then, right click the sign and it’ll update. Then you face the direction you want to autopilot, right click the sign, and let it fly. To stop, you can click the sign again and it’ll switch to “off”.

Additionally, you can start and stop autopiloting by right clicking with a clock in your hand. This will “engage” and “disengage” autopilot. This makes it more convenient than needing the sign.


Every starter ship is equipped with 2 laser cannons. To fire these, look in the direction you want to fire, and left click the mouse. This will fire a projectile from each cannon. Note, each cannon has a certain “firing arc” or maximum angle they can reach in any direction.

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