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The Golden Rule: Use Common Sense. If you think you shouldn't be doing something, don't do it. If you have any questions about the rules please ask a member of staff.

  1. Keep chat family friendly.
  2. No all-caps messages.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No cursing.
  5. No bullying or harassing.
  6. Here's the command used to join the server: j!access Please read the rest of the messages in here as well before joining though.
  7. No ban debates in public chats. Do not debate whether or not a player should have been banned. Discussion about why they were banned is allowed.
  8. No advertising of other minecraft servers or discord servers unless specifically given permission.
  9. Keep bug reports and suggestions to the GitHub or private messages in the case of abusable bugs
  10. Stick to channel topic. For example do not discuss politics in #starquest_chat.
  11. Do not chat in any other language than English.

In voice chat standard chat rules apply including the following:

  1. No micspamming without staff permission (E.g. Turning your mic on and playing music/sounds constantly through it).
  2. Don't bring any drama here relating to other minecraft servers.

Server Rules[edit]

The Golden Rule: Use Common Sense. If you think you shouldn't be doing something, don't do it. If you have any questions about the rules please ask a member of staff.

The Golden Rule II: If you encounter a bug in SQ it is your duty as a player to help fix it! The only way this can happen is if you report it. Github is the best way to report bugs, the link is:

  1. Keep everything family appropriate
  2. Do not spam or curse
  3. Do not share the private information of other players
  4. Do not hack or use other similar techniques
  5. Do not use ender pearls or chorus fruit to enter or exit an area which you wouldn't otherwise be able to do
  6. Do not drive over players with your ship so that they are unable to escape
  7. All logouts in combat are accompanied by a dummy that persists for 1 minute. If the dummy is killed, it will be like you were killed. Do not bypass the combat dummy doing things such as logging out before being hit.
  8. Do not use claiming to gain an immediate short-term combat advantage (such as claiming during combat)
  9. Do not raid or otherwise attack players in zones that are designated as the staff to be safe (such as spawn)
  10. You raid another player at your own risk, if you get stuck the staff cannot help you escape
  11. Do not attempt to bypass the AFK auto kick
  12. Do not use exploits
  13. Do not advertise other servers and do not advertise us on other servers
  14. Do not use alternate accounts to gain an unreasonable advantage
  15. Do not attempt to circumvent any ban
  16. You can use Schematica as long as it is on the default settings or slower and it is within your own faction

All rules are subject to their intention and not their specific wording. We reserve the right to interpret and add to (or change) these rules at any time. "Rule Lawyering" is generally a bad idea. If you are unsure if something is against the rules, ask a staff member or just don't do it.

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