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Rangers are people who are without a faction. Due to the fact they don’t have a faction, they have some special features. Their special feauture is guarded ships. Since they can’t claim because they aren’t in a faction, they are given the ability to world guard their ships with ship shields. In order to do this, you cannot be in a faction, and you place a sign on your ship that says “[shipshield]”. Rangers can only have 1 shielded ship. Ship shields prevent people who aren’t the ranger from breaking blocks or accessing containers and piloting the ship. It however, does not prevent PvP or explosions. Explosions are regenerated but only in the area they were blown up in, so if a chunk of your ship is blown up and you move, it will regen at the location it was blown up at, not the current ship position. If a container is blown up, it does not lose its content when it regens. Ship shields activate instantly when the ship is unpiloted. Only one person can have access to the world guard, meaning you can’t add anyone to your shield.

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