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Outpost Basics[edit]

Outposts can be claimed using the /faction claimoutpost command. Multiple outposts cannot be claimed on the same planet and an outpost can't be on the same planet as the faction HQ (main faction claim). When you run the command, a new claim is created from the chunk you are standing in. You can only claim outpost up the number that your faction rank can support. Outposts cost 500,000 credits to claim.

Outposts and War[edit]

This part of outposts is null and void, with the removal of overclaiming from Starquest Beyond.

Outposts act as a sort of a shield to the faction HQ. While a faction has outposts, the faction HQ cannot be overclaimed. Therefore, if you wish to destroy your enemy, you must first destroy their outposts. On the flip side, if you do not want to be destroyed, you want to defend your outposts.

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