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Machines are a feature of StarQuest that allows you to automate many processes. Do "/machines list" in-game in order to see all the machines and their recipes.


Pipes are stained glass or regular glass blocks that transfer power or energy. They are to be connected in a line in a way that one machine is connected to another. Pipes MUST be touching in order for the pipeline to work, and cannot be diagonal, or be touching by only corners, in order for energy or items to be transferred. Different colors will not be compatible, as they are all their own systems. Because of this, you are able to have 2 pipelines next to each other, but as long as they aren't the same color, they won't intermingle. Clear glass is a connector, so if there is one color, connected to another color with a clear glass block in the middle, it'll transfer.



Generators are used to make energy. Currently, the only fuel sources are coal and charcoal. You right click the generator and put the fuel source in the center of the GUI. You can connect it to either a machine to power it or a battery in order to store energy. You do this with the pipes above. The higher the tier of the generator, the faster it is. Energy exporting is toggleable inside the GUI in the bottom left corner. The higher the tier of the generator, the faster it generates energy. Refugees already have access to all generator tiers.



Batteries are used to store any extra energy created by generators. You hook them up to generators on one face of it in order to import energy. You then hook a machine up with glass pipes connecting to another face of the battery to export. You can toggle importing and exporting energy inside the GUI by clicking on the buttons in the bottom left corner. The batteries texture will change depending on how much energy is in it, as the texture displays an energy meter. The higher the tier of battery, the more energy it holds. Everyone has access to every tier, even as refugees.



Drills mine a 3x3 tunnel in front of them. There are 2 different things called drills. There's the drill machine itself, and the drill bit you need to put onto the machine. Look at the gif below in order to find out how to build a drill. The higher the tier of drills the faster it is, but the more energy it costs. You fuel a drill by connecting it to a generator with pipping. You also turn it on by right clicking the bit, and clicking the on and off button. For every rank you are in the "Defalos" corporation, the higher tier drill you get. I.E. tier 1 = stone, tier 2= iron, etc etc.


Auto Farm[edit]

Auto farms are used to automatically farm small plots of land. They farm any plant that is within a 5 block radius. In order for them to work, they must have power flowing directly to them, and a chest next to them. The chest is used to store the crops, and the seeds used to replant the crops in the future which it also does automatically. The higher the tier, the more energy it costs but the faster it is. For every rank you are in the corporation "Yisheng", the higher tier auto farm you get. I.E. rank 1 = stone, rank 2 = iron.


Tree Farm[edit]

Tree farms are machines that will harvest any trees within a 10 block radius, no matter what the tree. You must have a chest next to the tree farm in order for it to work. The chest is for the machine to deposit its harvest and any saplings which it will use to automatically replant the trees. Every tree will have a one block gap in-between them. It must also have a pipe directly flowing to it for energy. Higher tiers cost more energy but harvest faster. For every tier you are in the corporation "Vapid" is a tier up in a tree farm. I.E. rank 1 = stone treefarm, rank 2 = iron tree farm.

Sheep Farm[edit]

To be added


Transfer Node[edit]




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