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Introduction to Forts and Territories[edit]

Forts and territories are used to create combat and conflict situations during wartime. Every planet has 4 territories, and every territory has 3 forts that may be captured during the hour of wartime each day. These forts and territories give bonus profits from sales to whichever federation holds them. To capture a fort, you must first be part of a colony that is in a federation, then during wartime you must stand on the 3x3 square found on the map (indicated by the small castle if unclaimed, or a colored flag if it is currently held by another federation) and type /capturefort. After running this command, 10,000 will be deducted from you balance and a countdown of 5 minutes will begin. You must stay nearby for the fort to be captured, and defend it from any opposing federations. If you walk too far away from the fort, the countdown will count backwards at 2x speed until you return to the area. If you log off or the time returns to 0, you must restart the countdown from 5 minutes, and will be charged another 10,000.

Territory Names[edit]

 >Weathered Sands
 >Grand Mesa
 >Guardian Isles
 >Golden Bay
  >Canis Cove
  >Barrier Isles
  >Mount Delta
  >Isle of Fire 
  >Snowflake Tundra
  >Ring of Ice
  >Eastern Icy Range
  >Western Icy Range 
  >Warm Valley
  >Fertile Hills
  >Central Plains
  >Sea of Rings 
  >Infected Coast
  >Infested Forest
  >Clay Shore
  >Infested Isle
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