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Faction Ranks

Factions start at rank 1 when they are created, but through gaining reputation, can be ranked up all the way to rank 15. Unlike player reputation, faction reputation is not specific to a corporation and is instead global with all of them. Reputation can be gained in two different ways. The first is through faction contracts and the second is through personal contracts. When you complete a faction contract, all of the reputation is given to the faction. When you complete a personal contract, 10% of the reputation you gain your faction gains as well.

Faction Ranks
Reputation Required Rank Reward
0 1 HQ (Main Faction Claim)
25,000 2 Faction Void Station
50,000 3 Capital Ship 1, War
100,000 4 Outpost 1
200,000 5 War overclaiming
350,000 6 Capital Ship 2
500,000 7 Outpost 2
750,000 8 Capital Ship 3
1,000,000 9 Outpost 3
1,500,000 10 +25% Personal Contract Rewards
2,000,000 11 Capital Ship 4
2,500,000 12 Outpost 4
3,000,000 13 Capital Ship 5
4,000,000 14 Outpost 5
5,000,000 15 Flag Ship

Faction Contracts

Much like normal contracts, faction contracts are a way for your faction to make money and to gain reputation. Unlike normal contracts, you do not need to go to a contact to get a contract. Instead, faction leaders can use /faction contract, click the book in the center, and then select a contract from the list of available contracts. Personal contracts take priority over faction contracts, so if a player in a faction has a mining contract and the faction has a mining contract, the personal contract will gain progress first. Once a faction contract's requirements are completed, the contract is completed automatically. At this point, the faction leader can choose a new contract.

Possible Faction Contracts: Mining Contracts, Ship Combat Contracts, Kill Wanted Contracts, Anomaly Contracts, Kill Mobs Contracts, and Siege Defense Contracts

Faction Information

Factions cost 50,000 credits to create.

Each chunk that you claim costs 2,500 credits.

Outposts cost 500,000 credits to claim.

You can have a minimum of 0 power and a maximum of 10 power.

You lose 2 power every time you die.

You lose 0.5 power for each day you are offline.

You gain 3 power for each hour you are online.

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