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Corporations Introduction[edit]

Corporations are basically what the name says. They're economic groups focused on different subjects. Contracts are affected by the corporation you get them from, and every corporation is located in a different system. So, the task of the contract is based on the system you acquired the contract in. The corporations are as follows:

Name Location Focus Legality Contracts Ship Type Rankup Reward Module Reward 1 Module Reward 2
Skywatch Regalis Bounty Hunting Legal Ship Combat Contracts Combat Bounty +50% Speed Booster Length +50% Jammer Range
Quol Arator Security Legal Kill Wanted Contracts, Siege Defense Contracts Combat Defender +50% Shield Generator HP +50% Blink Drive Duration
Izifo Usan Vigilante Illegal Kill Wanted Contracts Combat Attacker +50% Cloaking Device Length +25% Bombchute Explosion
Vapid Yavari Bio-Matter Legal Kill Mobs Contracts Combat Hunter +25% Flak Launcher Count -50% Constructor Cooldown
Defalos Mentar Mining Legal Mining Contracts Utility Miner -50% Harvester Cooldown Silktouch Harvester
Klon Arator Research Legal Anomaly Contracts Utility Explorer +50% Radar Ping Radius +50% Cloaking Device Length
Yisheng Yavari Plants Legal Item Contracts Utility Farmer +50% Planter Radius -25% Slipdrive Chargeup Time
Digitallia REQ Technology (Aux.) Legal Data Contracts Auxiliary Valuable +50% Speed Booster Length +50% Shield Generator HP
Syndicate Chepid Illegal Data Illegal Data Contracts Auxiliary Smuggler +50% Speed Booster Length -25% Slipdrive Chargeup Time
Skydogs Choman Combat Illegal Ship Combat Contracts Auxiliary Pirating +50% Cloaking Device Length +50% Jammer Range

Corporation Ranks[edit]

Corporations each have 15 different ranks that you can attain. In addition to giving you a prefix that you can change using /rank, they also give you unique and valuable rewards. There are 4 types of rewards: ship class permits, rankup rewards, personal power rewards, and module rewards. Each of the corporations give you 8 ship class permits, 5 rankup rewards, 5 personal power rewards and 2 module rewards. One reward is given per rank as can be seen in this table:

Corporation Ranks
Reputation Required Rank Reward
10,000 1 Ship Tier 1
30,000 2 Rankup Reward I
60,000 3 Ship Ground Tier, +1 personal power
100,000 4 Rankup Reward II
150,000 5 Ship Tier 2
210,000 6 Module Reward 1, +1 personal power
280,000 7 Ship Tier 3
360,000 8 Rankup Reward III
450,000 9 Ship Tier 4, +1 personal power
550,000 10 Rankup Reward IV
660,000 11 Ship Tier 5
780,000 12 Module Reward 2, +1 personal power
910,000 13 Ship Tier 6
1,050,000 14 Rankup Reward V
1,200,000 15 Ship Tier 7, +1 personal power

The ship permit is for the corresponding ship type of the corporation. For example, the Defalos corporation will give you utility ship permits while the Digitalia corporation will give you Auxiliary ship permits.

To rankup in a corporation, you must gather reputation by completing contracts given to you by the corporation's contact. Once you gather the required amount of reputation, you automatically rankup. Reputation is not spent when you rankup.


Bounty is the rankup reward for the Skywatch corporation. You have a 5% chance per level per point of damage to "steal" an infraction from a wanted player when you attack them. This counts towards kill wanted contracts and will give you 1,000 credits per infraction stolen.


Defender is the rankup reward for the Quol corporation. You take 5% less damage per level from players in the territory of friendly factions.


Attacker is the rankup reward for the Izifo corporation. You deal 5% more damage per level to players in the territory of enemy factions.


Miner is the rankup reward for the Defalos corporation. You have a 2% chance per level to upgrade an ore whenever you mine it. When you upgrade an ore, you still receive the old ore, but you receive the upgraded ore was well. The upgraded ore counts towards mining contracts of the appropriate type. Coal, redstone, and quartz upgrade into iron. Iron and lapis upgrade into gold. Gold upgrades into diamond. Diamond upgrades into Emerald.


Explorer is the rankup reward for the Klon corporation. The discovery range for anomalies increases by 10% per level.


Farmer is the rankup reward for the Yisheng corporation. There is a 10% chance per level of double crop drops.


Valuable is the rankup reward for the Digitalia corporation. When you are within the time limit for the bonus of a data contract and if you are killed, your killer will receive 1 infraction per level.


Hunter is the rankup reward for the Vapid corporation. You deal 10% per level increased damage to mobs.


Smuggler is the rankup reward for the Syndicate corporation. The bonus multiplier for illegal data contracts is increased by 5% per level.


Pirating is the rankup reward for the Skydogs corporation. Whenever you claim blocks from a data core, you receive 10% per level more blocks.

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