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This information is obsolete, as over claiming was removed

War Basics[edit]

While there is no official state of war between factions, wars and battles can still be fought. This is primarily in the form of sieges. Sieges can be used to unclaim enemy territory and to gain credits while doing it. To participate in wars (as an attacker or a defender) a faction must be rank 3 or higher. However, to overclaim land, a faction must be rank 5 or higher.


Sieges can be declared against enemy factions by officers and leaders of a faction using /faction siege <opposing faction>. Doing this will open a gui that will show a list of targets that can be sieged. Outposts, capital ships, and the faction HQ (main claim) can all be sieged. A faction's HQ can only be sieged if it has no outposts. In addition, a siege can only be declared against a faction if it has less power than land and land can only be taken until their power is equal to or greater than their number of chunks.

Once a siege has been declared, it will start in 15 minutes. Use this time to prepare for the siege. Once the siege starts, it will last for one hour. It is advised that you also move a capital ship to be adjacent to the enemy faction's land. This is because all overclaims can only be done adjacent to a warzone or land that you own. Capital ships are not the only way this can happen, but they are the easiest and most common way.

Once the siege starts, you can start overclaiming. To overclaim faction land, stand in a chunk that is adjacent to land you own or a warzone and type /faction overclaim. Unless you are sieging a capital ship, you cannot overclaim chunks that would split the faction claim into multiple pieces. The overclaiming process takes 1 minute during which you will be given the glowing effect and you must stay within the chunk borders. Particles will appear to help you know where these are. When the overclaiming process is complete, the faction chunk is turned into a warzone chunk. The defending faction can also reclaim warzone chunks that are adjacent to chunks that they own using /faction overclaim and the same process as above. Anyone, no matter if they are in a faction or what faction they are a part of, can take part in overclaiming and reclaiming as well. If all of the chunks are overclaimed the siege will end. In addition, if a capital ship is being sieged, it will end and all of the capital ship's chunks will be unclaimed if the capital ship is removed (such as if the ship sign is destroyed).

When a siege ends, any warzone chunks will be unclaimed and for each warzone chunk that is unclaimed the attacking faction will gain 75% of the claim cost (75% of 2500 is 1875). In addition, if an outpost is destroyed, the attacking faction will gain 75% of the cost of an outpost (75% of 500,000 is 375,000). This can make sieging other factions quite profitable.

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