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Blueprints are similar to the old ship replicators. However, there are some key differences. To obtain a blueprint, you must first pilot the ship you want to copy. Then, run the command "/blueprint" and you will be greeted with a GUI. From here, you can click on the bottom right slot. This will create a new blueprint. You can then click on the blueprint icon to rename it, delete it, or to see how many blocks or credits it would cost to print it. Blueprints are personal and you cannot trade them between players as of right now. Additionally, there is currently a limit of 9 blueprints per player. However, blueprints are permanent unless you delete them.

To print a blueprint, you must first craft a printer machine. You can find its recipe in the /machine list GUI. It does not currently have a texture, but we are working on fixing that. You can then place down the printer. As with the old ship replicators, you need to construct a frame of bricks that will determine the area of printing. Something to note is that the direction that you place the printer in is important. For example, if you are facing north when you place down the printer, the frame must be constructed in both the north and east directions. In more general terms, the frame must go up, forward in the direction that you place down the printer, and to the right of the direction that you place down the printer. For those of you that weren't here for the old ship replicators, the frame is simply a long line of brick blocks in 3 directions that is large enough to fully encompass the ship that is to be printed. After you have constructed the frame, the next step is to select a blueprint for printing. You can do this by right clicking on the printer, then clicking the "Blueprint Selection" icon. Then, you must click on the blueprint that you want to print. You can then decide if you want to print it using blocks or credits. Credits are more convenient, but the cost is twice what you would get for selling each block at the spawn shop plus 10,000 credits for each module/machine. If you want to use blocks, you will need to place down a chest next to the printer and put the blocks that you need inside of it. You can hover over the "Build with Blocks" icon with a blueprint selected to see what you need to build that blueprint. Something to note is that you will need to re-select a blueprint each time that you close the printer GUI.

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