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Anomalies, like storms, are interstellar bodies that have an effect on their surrounding area. Wormholes are also classified as anomalies. Anomalies don’t appear on dynmap and require people to discover them. Anomalies can be found by using radars, which when right clicked will tell you if there are any anomalies nearby. Once you go into it, it will then tell you what it specifically is. It will also tell you the distance between you and the center of the anomaly. Anomalies can only be "discovered" by one person for contracts.


Anomaly Types
Type Radius Minimum Time Maximum Time Conditions Effects
Gas Cloud 500 Blocks 24 Hours 48 Hours None Blindness
Energy Field 1000 Blocks 72 Hours 168 Hours Particles Modules have a chance to not function
Nanomine Field 300 Blocks 24 Hours 48 Hours Particles Random Explosions On Ships

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